About Tunsia

Land surface 162,155 km2
Situation North Africa, 140 km from Italy 1,300 km of coastline along the Mediterranean
Climate Mediterranean, 11.4°C in winter and 29.3°C in summer
Time zone GMT + 1
Capital Tunis (2.5 millions inhabitants)
Main cities Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Bizerte, Kairouan, Gabes
Official Arabic
Common languages French, English, Italian
GDPGrowth: 5%
Population (2012) 10.8 million inhabitants
Growth rate 1.29%
Population living in cities 66.2%
Working population 47.8% of the population at large
Literacy rate 82.8%
Life expectancy 74.9 year
GDP/inhabitant 6,680 TND/ 4,123 US Dollars
System presidential
Administrative organization 24 governorates subdivided into delegations
Tunisian Dinar (TND) 1 TND = 1,000 millimes
Exchange rate (2014 average)
1 TND = 0.626370 USD
1 TND = 0.459358 EUR
1 TND = 64.1247 JPY
Economic data
GDP growth 3.6%
Export growth 3.9%
Investment rate (as % of GDP) 22.4%
Savings rate (as % of GNAI) 16.1%
Budget deficit (as % of GDP) 7.4%

Economic budget 2013,
Ministry of Development and International Cooperation

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