Bilateral relations



Establishment of diplomatic relations: 1957
First Pakistani embassy opened in Tunis in1958
First Tunisian embassy opened in Islamabad in 1980

Tunisian Pakistani Relations are excellent, they are deep rooted in the heart of two brotherly peoples, and Pakistan gave huge support to Tunisia during its struggle for independence. The relations are characterized by exchange of high level visits and coordination in the international organizations especially in the organization of Islamic conference ( OIC) and United Nations ( UN).

The first session of bilateral consultations was held in Tunis the 4-6 of may 2010.


Bilateral Cooperation

The legal framework braces all the fields; it concerns especially economic trade and cultural one, the investment and the scientific and technical cooperation.

The 8 th session of the joint ministerial commission was held in Pakistan in 2012 and was crowned by the signing of eight agreements and memoranda of understanding:


Main exports: fertilizers (DAP), clothes, electrical devices and engines
Main imports: cotton, synthetic fibers, leather,

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